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Unfortunately, insurance providers do not cover the cost of a REWRITE RECOVERY Workshop. We also cannot provide any kind of "superbill" or clinical documentation that will satisfy strict insurance company requirements. While the workshop is clinical, we do not make any formal diagnosis of participants, which is always required for insurance reimbursement. We also do not provide a procedure code, which describes the treatment setting and what type of treatment is being provided. In short, an intensive REWRITE RECOVERY Workshop doesn’t fit into any "insurance-acceptable" categories for addiction treatment, which usually must be individual therapy and/or group therapy at a ASAM level of care: An InPatient Program, PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program), IOP (Intensive OutPatient), or OP (OutPatient). The REWRITE RECOVERY cost also includes lodging and meals during the workshop, which aren’t allowed outside a residential or hospital setting and would not be covered by insurance anyway.


The real question is this: Can you afford to not pay for this workshop? You are worth it!




Many of us have learned the hard way just what the cost of sex addiction is: financial strain, legal issues, sexually transmitted diseases, divorce, not to mention the emotional toll on friends, family and yourself.


The cost of a REWRITE RECOVERY intensive workshop can seem quite high at first glance. However, a workshop is actually much less expensive than other treatment alternatives. 

Most treatment programs provide only around six hours of focused therapy daily. A REWRITE RECOVERY Workshop involves 10-12 hours of specific, CSAT therapist-led treatment each full day, which translates to approximately 35 hours of therapy. 

At a fee of $150 per hour, which is the minimum going rate for therapy in most of America, 35 hours of counseling would cost $5,250! Most 30, 60, or 90 day treatment centers are over $1000 a day! The REWRITE RECOVERY workshop fee of $3000 is significantly less, and it includes all lodging and meals. *Costs can be reduced on a sliding scale and there are scholarship options. EMAIL CHRIS for more info!]

The only additional expense to attend a workshop is travel, and Mount Dora, Florida is conveniently located less than an hour from Orlando International Airport.

This program intentionally reduces the time you’re away from your family and from your work. Most people don't get paid for not being at work, so this shorter time off the job is an important benefit. It is also crucial to incorporate your family into your recovery plan since you will most likely be returning to that environment. And we have many referrals for female partners and/or spouses that are most likely dealing with the betrayal trauma from your past acting out behaviors. 

Research shows that group therapy is more effective for long-term recovery than individual counseling alone. Most people report the healing they find in a REWRITE RECOVERY group is more powerful than anything they have ever experienced. The connections that are made here can last a lifetime. 

REWRITE RECOVERY combines the most effective treatment approach with the lowest cost. Period. 




A REWRITE RECOVERY workshop is a four-day, intensive program that provides the equivalent of 8-12 months of weekly therapy. There will also be "pre-work" that you must complete before attending the workshop. The group environment forges incredibly deep connections with other Christian men on a similar healing journey, which is a critical element of this recovery process.


Not everyone can just "sign up" for an intensive workshop. We require that potential clients complete an online registration. You will then participate in a screening call. The call can last up to an hour and they are free. There is no obligation to the potential client. The purpose of this process is to assess whether this treatment protocol would be a good fit for the potential client. Again, you must first fill out the workshop registration first.



The workshop is clinical, meaning all the leaders are licensed CSAT counselors who are specifically trained in treating sexual addiction. We use a comprehensive approach that addresses not only the acting out behavior, but also its roots, which IS your story. Each man develops a specific REWRITE RECOVERY PLAN to guide his process after the workshop is over and the real journey begins. 

Participation is limited to a maximum of 6 participants. We do this on purpose. You get close in this group. This group of men becomes a part of your support team as you enter into each others stories with empathy and grace. Participants will work with the same leader throughout the workshop. Individual counseling is not part of the workshop but may be a part of your aftercare plan. 

All participants stay at a local hotel or Bed & Breakfast for the duration of the workshop. The groups times will be held at the same location. All participants have a roommate, and REWRITE RECOVERY staff are onsite to provide overnight support, if needed.

Participants may be referred by a therapist or clergy person, or they may self-refer, which means you simply sign up on your own. You don’t have to be working with a counselor before attending the workshop, but it may be your next step after the workshop. We also HIGHLY recommend 90/90 (which is 90 12 Step meetings in 90 days immediately following the workshop).

REWRITE RECOVERY comes from a Christian perspective that emphasizes God's Grace and Truth. Everyone is welcome and will find an accepting, non-pressuring environment that will grow you closer to Jesus.


  • Childhood Sexual Abuse & Trauma

  • The Unmanageability of Addiction

  • The Roots of Shame

  • Family Issues Related to Recovery

  • Understanding Your ACE Score (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

  • Spirituality & Discipleship

  • The Neurochemistry of Addiction and the "Disease Model"

  • Discovering Your Cycle of Acting Out / Arousal Template

  • Setting and Holding Boundaries

  • Disclosure, Accountability, and Building Trust

  • Using the Tools of Recovery

  • Developing Your Relapse Prevention Plan

Again, the workshop is a group experience, and individual counseling sessions are not part of the intensive. Sessions normally begin at 8:00 a.m. and continue until around 8:00 p.m. with breaks and meals in between.

These workshops are deep and intense. This is not for everyone. It is also not a vacation or a retreat. REWRITE RECOVERY workshops are specifically designed to maximize time and investment to kickstart your recovery. Participants move quickly between psychoeducational segments, individual work, short videos for discussion, and small process groups. The approach consists of a combination of instruction, writing and/or drawing, interactive exercises, and activities. You will not be bored and you may just save your life.

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